The AGM is Saturday January 22, 2022 at 1:00 pm


Location - Strathmore Ag Society - Remuda Building (enter the Ag Grounds from the Main entrance off of Wheatland Trail, there is lots of parking in front of the building, entrance is to the side of the building)


Please submit any rule changes by Wednesday December 15, 2021, please use this form for all New Rules, Changes, Clarifications, Deletions.  All Rule Changes need a seconder.  All proposed rule changes will be posted on this page for review by December 31 Proposed Rule Change Form


Please complete that attached form for any nominations for Directors positions, an email to the office from the nominee accepting the position is also required. Director Nomination Form


Director Positions up for Election in 2022

Please Note:  All directors are required to secure sponsorship for their events as well as the association.


  1. 2nd Vice President (1 Year term) – vacant

  2. Vice President  (2 Year term)– vacant 

  3. Director At large (2 Year term) - vacant

  4. Breakaway Director (2 Year term) - vacant

  5. Committee Director (Interim) 1 year term – Current Director is Andy Hall and he is letting his name stand.

  6. Timed Event Director (Interim) (TR; TD; SW) (1 Year term) - Current Director is Colin Hollywood and he is letting his name stand.