The AGM is Saturday January 25th at 1:00 at the following location


Woodside Senior Centre

411 Woodside Drive

Airdrie, AB


Please submit any rule changes by Thursday January 23rd, please use this form for all New Rules, Changes, Clarifications, Deletions……all rule changes will be posted up on the website. Proposed Rule Change


Please complete that attached form for any nominations for Directors positions, an email to the office from the nominee accepting the position is also required. Director Nomination Form


Director Positions up for Election in 2020


  1. Vice President – vacant Pat Dillman is not returning as director

  2. 2nd Vice President (1 Year term) – Cory Jacobson is currently the director

  3. Director At Large (1 Year term) – Jenner Meston is currently the director

  4. Judging Director 2 year term – Devin Borton currently the director, he is letting his name stand for another term

  5. Bareback Director 2 year term – Kyle Rock currently the director, he is letting his name stand for another term

  6. Stock Contractor 2 year term – Billy Richards currently the director, he is letting his name stand for another term

  7. Calf Roping Director 2 year term – vacant Gord Gulick is not returning as director

    1. Nomination received for Dusty McKean – nominated by Gord Gulick; seconded by Nyle Clemmer

  8. Steer Wrestling Director 2 year term – vacant Gord Sandercock is not returning as director

  9. Ladies Barrel Racing Director (1 Year term) – vacant


Breakaway Roping Amendments - Motion made by Gord Gulick & Seconded by Jim Cooper

Open to Ladies of all ages

1- Bell-collar catch only. The rope must go over the calf’s whole head and once over the head must draw up on any part of the calf’s neck ,chest or shoulders to be a qualified catch. No other appendages may pass through or get caught in loop, this includes legs and tail. Time will be flagged when the rope “Breaks Away “ from the saddle horn.

2- Only one loop permitted. A dropped loop is a thrown loop. Event will be open gate at catch pen end of arena, If calf breaks plane of catch pen gate before rope breaks away from saddle horn contestant will receive a no time

3- Rope to be tied at the very end of the rope, to the saddle horn with nylon string. Penalty for misplacement of flag or string will be disqualification

4- Contestant will receive a no time should the rope “Break Away” before the calf tightens the rope causing the rope to “Break Away” from saddle horn. If rope becomes dallied on saddle horn contestant may ride ahead and undally the rope with her hand but calf’s actions must cause rope to “Break Away” from saddle horn.

5- Contestant must be on her horse when time is taken

6- Breakaway calves must not weigh over 400lbs or be under 200lbs or be approved by Director and must not have horns longer than 3 inches measured from base to tip

7- Contestant will receive a 10 second penalty for breaking the barrier

8- Field Judge will be positioned approximately ½ way from chute to catch pen on right side of contestant and in a way to minimize interference with the run

9- There will be two timers, time will be averaged between them and runs will be timed to the hundredth of a second to avoid a tie.

10- Reruns may be given at discretion of field or barrier judge based on the following:

         A. Bad Gate – contestant must immediately declare before rope is thrown

         B. Neck rope fouls roper

         C. The calf stops, stumbles, or turns back before the barrier

11- General timed event rules not covered here will follow FCA timed event rules