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Foothills Cowboys Association


Annual General Meeting

Monday February 26th 

6:30 pm 

Comfort Inn & Suites 133 Sierra Springs Dr Airdrie (Located behind Co-op)


2024 Rodeos


FCA Lead Rodeo

Bighorn Stampede

Water Valley Stampede

Pete Knight Days 

Dogpound Stampede

Didsbury Ag Fair & Rodeo

Cochrane Lions Rodeo

Co-Approved Rodeos

Decebmer 31, 2023 - CRA New Years Rodeo - Silver Sage Brooks

2024 Membership forms Click Here

2024 Season Update

To all FCA Members


Hello FCA members, The Board of Directors is sending you this letter to inform you of some changes for the upcoming 2024 rodeo season. The FCA will be running its own separate season from the Chinook this year but will continue to Co-approve rodeos and work closely together. The FCA will go back to running its own office, and season for 2024. We acknowledge the hard work and efforts by both the Chinook and FCA boards to run a joint season and finals, but the FCA and its mother rodeo committees feel it is in the best interest to run separately again. Details on a finals are being worked on and will be out to the membership once completed.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any FCA board member.


Yours truly


The FCA Board of Directors



Tie Down Ropers - Note 

Calves must be run through the arena one (1) hour before the 1st performance at each FCA Rodeo. 

Every calf roper in the 1st performance or slack must help run and tie the calves (tied only if required) one (1) hour prior to 1st performance or slack or a Twenty Five Dollar ($25) fine will be assessed. 


2023 Season Rule Changes highlighted in red

Tie Down Ropers please be aware of the new rule change for 2023 in regard to the jerk down rule.

h. A one hundred dollar fine ($100) and disqualification will be assessed to calf ropers for unnecessary roughness towards a calf. This will be assessed for obvious jerk down, at the judge’s discretion, even though the calf does not go straight over backwards as outlined in the Rule Book. i.e. the one hundred dollar ($100) fine will be assessed if the contestant throws the slack straight in the air or makes no visible attempt to switch the calf to avoid a jerk down (to hold slack or to throw it off to one side or another). Further examples are as follows: excessive dragging, intentionally running calf into the back fence, any roughness to the calf that could be avoided.

Time Limit Change (highlighted in red)

TIME LIMIT FOR ALL TIMED EVENTS:  A one minute time limit will be in effect from when the barrier is strung or the contestant is “waved in” in the Barrel Racing, under judges stop watch & discretion.  If animal is in standing position, a 25 second warning will be called. At one minute contestant or hazer must mount a different horse or be flagged out. A Fifty Dollar ($50) fine will be issued. The contestant will be able to ride the horse at the next rodeo.


  1. No memberships will be processed on entry closing day, contestants must have a paid membership card prior to entering rodeo.  Membership deadline is 3 business days prior to entry closing. 

Vet/Doctor's Release and Visibles

  1. The F.C.A. Office must receive medical release within 3 days of being used or contestant is responsible for fees and turnout fines. Contestants will be allowed 3 different medical/vet releases in any one-year. Those having more than 3 will be liable for their fees or appear before the board. 

Rodeo Entry System

  1. Unless notified otherwise, the entry dates & times will be posted on the schedule (we do not take responsibility for incorrect information posted on other association websites)There will be no phone in entries, all entries will be done via the online Rodeo Management System. FCA rodeos will have an entry period of no less than 6 hours. Callback times are until 12 noon on Thursday following entry day (unless otherwise posted).  Position Callback & Stock Callback will be posted on FCA Website there will be no phone callbacks, if there are errors or omissions to the draw please email and we will look into the error. 



  1. All cinches must be at least 8 inches (8”) wide. 

Junior Steer Riding

h. Rider will be disqualified for any of the following offenses: being bucked off, touching animal with free hand, using sharp spurs, touching animal with head, or fouling animal by holding gate. AMENDED

NEW EVENTS ADDED to the Rule Book



  1. All saddles will be stock saddles with no excessive alterations to standard Ranch Saddle

  2. Rider must have rein hand on same side of the horses neck.

  3. Contestant must spur the animal before they will be awarded a re-ride, at the judge’s discretion.

  4. Only leather latigo will be used, No nylon

  5. No excessive tightening of cinch.

  6. Stock contractor has say on halter and Rein placement or use.

  7. Points will be given ½ for animal ½ for contestant.

  8. Points will be given for spurring and fanning with the contestants hat.

  9. Halter must be plain with one rein.

  10. Contestant can use free hand to hold saddle horn or night latch/rope.

  11. Horses will be ridden for 8 seconds

  12. Contestants must maintain possession of the rein with the original riding hand for the full duration of the eight seconds.

  13. Contestant will be disqualified if they lose rein at any time during the eight seconds.

  14. Contestant will be disqualified if at any time during the eight seconds they double grab the rein, saddle horn or night latch/rope.

  15. Saddle and chaps shall be free of glue or any other sticky substances

11.       JUNIOR TEAM ROPING (Optional Event)

  1. Contestants who are fifteen (15) years of age or under as of January 1st of the current year.

  2. There will be a twenty-five (25 second time limit in the team roping, 25 seconds does not include any barrier or field penalties.  Example, if the run is 24 seconds plus a barrier, the qualified time shall read 34 seconds.

  3. Barrier and timers rules as used in the team roping apply.

  4. All other team roping rules apply.

2022 Sponsors
Thank you to all our Sponsors 

AiM Land Services - Lane Boisjoli
Align Equine Therapy - Jenni Malin
Anchor C Cattle Co. - Matt & Tammy Campbell
Burwash Equine Services Ltd. - Dr. Kirby Penttila DVM
Calgary Stampede - Heather Rasmussen
CIBC Wood Gundy - Brenda Akins
Circle J Ranches Ltd.
Cochrane Lions Rodeo
Cross Heels - Corny Wribe
Dale & Jill Brown
Dead Eye Enterprises Ltd. - Greg Whitlow
Diamond Equine Ltd. - Lynsey Miller
Doug Lacey's Basement Systems - Doug & Lori Lacey
Elevate Equine - Cati McArthur
Ensign Energy - Cory Jacobson
Fellowship of Christian Cowboys - John Fitzherbert
Floyd Scott & Nina Harder
It's About Time - Electronic Timing Services - Rhonda Henry & Pam Sinclair
Legend Rodeo Stock
M & D Common Horse Sense - Murray McGonigle & Dani Rairdan
McGonigle Rodeo Horses - Murray & Lynn McGonigle
Moore Equine  - Dr. Erin Clarke DVM
Shutter Close Photography - Jodie Hennigar
Spray Pro Ltd. - Kyle Foden
Stavely Mini Storage - Brian Lee
Suzanne Kelly
TEAM Auction Sales - Brian Danard
The Cowboy Mom - Lynsday Kubas
Top Notch Tree Services - Shawn Turner
Tronic Data Inc. - Steele De Paoli
Waddell Ranch Supply Ltd. - Joel Waddell
Ward Equine - Colton Ward
WARMA - Susan Strandquist


Our objective is to organize and promote a circuit of Rodeos that allows & encourages members to compete that are not members of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.
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