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How to Enter an FCA Rodeo

Order of Slack at All Rodeos

TD/SW/TR/LBR/JBR (if there is BAW it will follow TD and PWB follows JBR)

A few things to consider when entering a rodeo:

Memberships will not be processed on the day of phone in entries! You must purchase your membership prior to phoning in.

Buddy Groups – A buddy group includes up to a total of four (4) people. All members of the buddy group must go to the same number of rodeos but the lowest priority still affects the whole group. Example: If three people in the group go to Bassano, Arrowwood, Whitecourt and your 4th person is only going to Bassano that will bring your priority down and you may not receive the day you asked for at the FCA rodeo. Timed Event entries if you normally don’t travel with roughstock, you can’t buddy with them just to get a performance.

ALL FINES MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO ENTERING A RODEO, the system is set up so that it will not allow you to enter a rodeo with an outstanding fine. (this also includes outstanding fines with LRA, WRA, CCA, CRA these must be paid before you can enter)

  1. We only take online entries there will be no phone in entries.  Online entries are open for a week.

  2. The office needs to fill the performances in all events before a slack will be considered in that event.

  3. If you enter for 2 full performances you may end up in slack.  There is only room in the performances for a certain number of competitors and the Committees have some locals that will get a performance.

  4. Our Rodeo Committees determine how many people they will take in a performance.

  5. If you enter for slack you will receive a better draw in the slack.  The barrel racers will be drawn in the top and the other timed events at the bottom.

  6. We do not take in to consideration Jackpots and non sanctioned Rodeos when doing the draw, we can only do our best with the co-approved rodeos on our schedule.

How to Enter a FCA Rodeo Online – Rodeo Management

NEW FOR ENTRIES WITH PEEWEES we have added a section where you can enter up to 4 Pee Wees on your card so that it isn’t using up the Buddy Field.

  1. Online entry opens on Monay prior to phone in and is open until 1:00 pm on the following Monday.

  2. There will be no phone in entries, all entries are online ONLY.

  3. Before you start you must have the member numbers of everyone in your buddy group.

  4. Click on Rodeo Schedule & Entry Information

  5. Click the Box that says Rodeo & Entry Information

  6. Scroll down to the Rodeo you are entering and there will be a Rodeo Entry Icon. Click on this icon

  7. Enter your member number (this is case sensitive so please use Capital Letters) i.e. L1234C or BBR1234, etc.

  8. If entering from your phone, once you put in your number, click in the name field and your name and email should automatically populate. If on a computer, hit tab and it will populate.

  9. Select your 1st and 2nd preference, you must give two preferences if you only select one, your entry will be deleted. You can’t put the same performance for both your choices.

  10. Select the Events you want to enter, if you are in Team Roping you will need to put in your partners member number and select if they are Header or Heeler.

  11. Team Ropers you do not need to enter twice.

  12. You must fill out the Comments section if you are entered in other Co-Approved Rodeos if you know the day you are up you must fill in that information….if you do not complete this information the office will not know where you are entered. We do not look at Jackpots when doing the draw or non-sanctioned events. We can only do our best to set you with the rodeos on our schedule.

  13. If you are done with your entry then click on next and you will receive a screen for you to review that everything is correct you will then click on submit your entry and if your email is in the FCA system you will receive a confirmation email. If you need to fix something go to the previous step and it will take you to the main screen to make any updates.

  14. If you have buddies, you are allowed up to 3 buddies, to enter you will go down and enter their information and once complete click on next, review that all is good and submit entry.

How To Enter
Member Forms

Membership Forms - 2024 Membership Form

New members wishing to write cheques must have the Letter of Guarantee completed by a member in good standing and have it sent in with your membership. Otherwise you will be required to prepay your rodeo entry fees or pay cash for the year. See How to Enter an FCA Rodeo for more information on how to prepay.


Please email completed & signed forms to  Completed forms with Cheques/Money Order can be mailed to Box 47103 RPO Creekside, Calgary, AB T3P 0B9


Forms must be completed in full and signed before membership can be processed.

Our membership cards have pictures on them, if we don't have a picture from prior years you will need to send in a picture for your card before your membership will be processed.  If you wish to have a updated picture from prior year please send in a new picture with your membership

PLEASE NOTE: Memberships must be received by 4 pm on Thursday if you want to enter on Monday. NO MEMBERSHIP WILL BE PROCESSED ON FINAL ENTRY DAY - There is only one person that works in the office and it takes a bit of time to get memberships processed.  If you send them in on the weekend they may not be processed until after entries close on Monday.


Would you like to save time at the Rodeos and not have to stand in line to pay your fees?


The FCA has three options for pre-paying your Entry Fees

  • Etransfer – just need to specify in the comments field which Rodeo the fees are for.

  • Stripe – you will be given this option when you get your email confirmation back after your enter, there will be a link for you to pay

  • Credit Card – if you would like to get points on your credit card we will take CC payments, you MUST complete this authorization form for the office to have on file and we will automatically bill your Entry Fees to your CC each week you enter.  Credit Card Authorization Form


Rule Book

Rule Book
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